About Artelesia

More than just a selling platform, we see Artelesia as an ocean in which every image is an island with a universe of its own. They represent artificial realities constructed through the artist’s imagination. 

We challenge our audience to understand this website, the way they would read a book. This book speaks about images and the way we interpret them. Through combinations of colours, themes and composition, images tell stories. Strong images, however, do more — they recreate them. How?
The artist’s state of mind at the moment he creates defines the atmosphere of his work. Through our interpretation, he transmits this to us and motivates our actions in turn. Therefore, through its reception, art changes reality to the artist’s imagination. Magic.

Despite their respective differences, we believe all the images we feature share something in common. They bring our minds to rest and give us comfort through this. To achieve this, we search for those images to which we feel most familiar as, in one way or the other, an image is always a portrayal of its author’s psychology.

In essence, through the life it captures, a work of art is a work of beauty. And as beauty brings us in a state of comfort and happiness, Artelesia aims to be a medium to access these realities.

Why buy works on Artelesia?

Buying means contributing to Artelesia's vision and supporting the artists which we promote. 

We offer limited edition photographs. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. Occasionally, Artelesia organises temporary pop-up exhibitions and of which relevant information will be provided.


Originally founded by Gauthier De Clerck & Nicolas Hendrickx

Gauthier currently runs Artelesia. He is finishing his Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Leuven, whilst being active in the family business in Interior Decoration. On the side he runs a Renovation & Interior Architecture firm, in which he adheres to classical principles, details and proportions.